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YateHSS/HLR stores and manages the SIM database for mobile networks. It also manages multiple subscriber identities (from different technologies) in one server, providing seamless services over different networks. It is designed for use in GSM, UMTS, LTE, IMS, Wi-Fi networks or any other type of network that uses MAP or Diameter for authentication.

YateHSS/HLR includes a Home Location Register (HLR), an Authentication Center (Auc) (2G/3G) and a Home Subscriber Server (HSS) (4G LTE). YateHSS/HLR exports a JSON API for integration with any SIM management and CRM systems. It is capable of interconnecting with all the VLRs implemented in a GSM mobile network, with any MME from a conventional LTE network, or with the YateUCN core network server.

YateHSS/HLR, the LTE/UMTS/GSM/IMS/Wi-Fi subscriber management server

Common information about the YateHSS/HLR

General description of YateHSS/HLR.

Contains information about subscribers, authentication, registration, profiles and more.

Configuration parameters necessary for each mobile network node type.

General information about the JSON API.

Using the JSON API to configure YateHSS/HLR.

Using the JSON API to configure the subscriber management features.

Configuring the YateHSS/HLR

YateHSS/HLR configuration scenarios

YateHSS/HLR Connection Scenarios

YateHSS/HLR connection scenarios

Using JSON API to configure the YateHSS/HLR cluster.

Configuring the YateHSS/HLR for the home network.

Configuring the YateHSS/HLR for roaming.