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Unified EPC/IMS core network

YateUCN is a unified core network solution intended for new LTE networks, for upgrading GSM/GPRS networks to LTE or for extending existing LTE networks.

The YateUCN software-defined core implements all the functions and protocols of the LTE core network in software, and uses commodity hardware (e.g. Dell PowerEdge R430). It integrates the EPC layers - MME, PGW, SGW, PCRF, and PCEF. YateUCN also includes the IMS layers for VoLTE - PCSCF, ISCSCF, IWF, and BGW.

It communicates with the YateENB (LTE eNodeB module) over S1AP and GTP protocols and uses a JSON API for configuration and management.

Unified GSM/GPRS core network

YateUCN also implements the functions and protocols of GSM/GPRS core networks. In GSM/GPRS, the YateUCN acts as a MSC/VLR/SGSN/GGSN/GMSC in a single server. It connects to the YateBTS (GSM module) over GTP and SIP, replacing the costly SS7 MAP-A interface (BSSAP protocol). This leads to a higher return on investment without affecting the reliability of the network or the provided services.

The unified core network solution is based on replacing the eNodeB with the YateENB (LTE) and the base station subsystem with the YateBTS (GSM).

Many areas in the world are not covered by a cellular network due to the cost of existing circuit-switched network technology. YateUCN brings a new solution for deploying GSM/LTE networks at a lower cost.

YateUCN, the Unified LTE/GSM/GPRS Core Network

Common information about the unified YateUCN

General information about YateUCN, as an LTE/GSM/GPRS core network server.

Configuration parameters necessary for each mobile network node type.

General information about the JSON API.

Using the JSON API to configure YateUCN.

Configuring YateUCN using YateMMI.

YateUCN as an MME/SGW

YateUCN as an IMS

Configuring the YateUCN IMS

General information about the YateUCN IMS CSCF.

Configuring the YateUCN IMS CSCF.