Cannot access the Basestation

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Cannot ping the unit using its DHCP IP address

  1. Check if two Ethernets are connected to both Network A and Network B ports, one must have DHCP IP from the network while the other is pre-configured with static IP. Changing the configuration so both ports will have IPs in the same subnet will make it unreachable.
    1. This might happen if your network is using the subnet 10.0.3.x and you connect both ports.
    2. To solve this, need to physically disconnect one port and access the unit, then confirm the assigned IP using the linux command (ifconfig)
  2. If there is one Ethernet cable connected, make sure the cable is plugged in Network B port.
  3. If the Ethernet cable is not connected, need to correctly plug the Ethernet cable. We might see in the console message like:
   <ys1ap:MILD> Could not bind SCTP on 

Don't know the unit DHCP IP

Please refer to: Finding DCHP IP address