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The eNB performance report generates a report of eNB performance in each layer and notes anything unusual in the results.

The performance report is based on the same KPI-related measurements that are reported to any remote monitoring system (Zabbix, for example).

Getting the Report

To generate a report:

enb measurements report

The report is based on performance since the measurements were last cleared. This period of time is shown in the report as the baseline, in seconds.

To clear measurements and start a new baseline:

enb measurements clear

Note: This will also clear measurements reported to the remote monitoring system.

Reading the Report

The report shows, for each layer in UL and DL:

  • the number of kBytes that have passed through that layer ("in" on DL, "out" on UL)
  • the average data rate in kbits/sec through that layer
  • BW utilization, as a fraction of total available BW in the PHY
  • ACK/NACK and retransmission rates (RLC, HARQ)
  • transmission delay estimates (DL PDCP, MAC)
  • protocol overhead (RLC, MAC, PHY)
  • other statistics particular to each layer:
    • packet loss (PDCP)
    • transport blocks dropped due to late processing (MAC)
    • mean transport block size and mean buffer status report (MAC)
    • spectral efficiency in bits/element (PHY)
    • total available traffic BW, excluding overhead, in kbits/sec (PHY).

The report also shows random access request (RAR) processing performance:

  • number of PRACH received
  • number of "msg3" responses from the UE completing the RAR procedure
  • RAR success rate.

The report will also include "NOTE" comments drawing attention to possible performance problems.

Example Report

(Because the baseline of this report is 8 seconds, the kBytes and kBit/sec figures match numerically.)

enb measurements report

Rates are in kbits/sec
In/out counts are in kBytes.

DL Performance Report:
baseline=8 seconds
PDCP:  in=3640 rate=3639.94 util=0.381482 loss=0.183966 delay=329ms
RLC:  in=3169 rate=3168.69 util=0.332093 rtx/total=0.168558 nacks/pdus=0.16266 nacks/(nacks+acks)=0.142107 overhead=0.00309602
MAC:  in=3714 rate=3714.3 util=0.389275 overhead=0.00690931 rbUtil=0.47 pdcchCongest=0 drop=0.00229734 meanTbs=10055 meanBsr=69253 bsrTxTime=145.664ms
HARQ:  in=3740 rate=3740.14 util=0.391984 rtx=0.174176 nack=0.0429815 nackAck=0.0751199 renack=0.00897571 conf=0.8 fbRate=0.515234 unans=0.184984 pucchRate=0.646355 puschRate=0
PHY:  in=4529 rate=4528.98 util=0.474658 avail=9541.58 eff=3.42107 eleOverhead=0.32

NOTE: RLC NACK/PDU rate 0.16266 exceeds HARQ NACK/(ACK+NACK) rate 0.0751199
NOTE: RLC NACK rate 0.16266
NOTE: PDCP loss of 0.183966 while MAC RB utilization only 0.47
NOTE: HARQ RTX rate 0.174176 is 4.05235x HARQ NACK rate 0.0429815

UL Performance Report:
baseline=8 seconds
PDCP:  out=143 rate=142.973 util=0.0327694 loss=0.00907853
RLC:  out=147 rate=147.236 util=0.0337466 nack=0.0608108 rtx=0.242911 rej=0.0615622
MAC:  out=164 rate=163.817 util=0.037547 overhead=0.340106 rbUtil=0.07 drop=0 meanTbs=1853 meanBsr=95 delay=4.53058ms
HARQ:  out=248 rate=248.248 util=0.0568985 rtx=0.197696 fer=0.08
PHY:  out=309 rate=309.419 util=0.0709189 avail=4363 eff=1.3036 snr=28 rbOverhead=0.184

NOTE: RLC RTX rate 0.242911 is 3.99453x RLC NACK rate 0.0608108
NOTE: HARQ RTX rate 0.197696 is 2.4712x UL FER 0.08
NOTE: MAC out/in ratio 1.5154

RAR Performance Report:
baseline=8 seconds
RAR:  rachEvents=0 msg3Events=0 rate=-nan