Frequency Scanner Module

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Frequency scanner module will allow users to scan LTE and GSM bands and print the most suitable channels to use, based on the noise. To start using it, please follow these steps:

Initial setup

If the frequency scanner rpm is not installed, please install it, from Linux shell:

  1. urpmi.update yate
  2. urpmi frequencyscanner

For using frequency scanner for the first time, we need to load the module Login to the basestation

  1. telnet 0 5037
  2. enb stop
  3. module load frequencyscanner
  4. enb start

Using frequency scanner module

  1. Start the scan:
    1. LTE: frequencyscanner start lte <band> <bandwidth>
    2. GSM: frequencyscanner start gsm <band>
  2. View the scan outputs
    1. Best channels report: frequencyscanner bestchan
    2. Give full list of frequencies and scan results: frequencyscanner spectrumview
    3. Get full results list as json objects: frequencyscanner json
  3. To get the status of the scan: Get the status of the current scan: frequencyscanner status
  4. To stop the scan: frequencyscanner stop