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It is possible that the transceiver process remains running but its logging output gets disconnected, for example after a crash in the mbts process.

In this case it is desirable to restart the transceiver properly so that the output is accessible in logs and rmanager. Please check first that there are no calls in progress.

You may check if the transceiver is running and which is the executable name from a console:

[root@yatebts]# ps ax | fgrep transceiver
4714 pts/1    Sl+    6:38 ./transceiver 1
5181 pts/3    S+     0:00 fgrep --color=auto transceiver

This shows the transceiver process running as PID 4714. You can now kill it like this:

kill 4714

Or, simpler:

killall transceiver

These commands will cause the transceiver process to exit and then mbts will exit too. Internal logic of the ybts module will restart them properly.

If you are not running as root you need to use the sudo command:

sudo killall transceiver

If you have modified in ybts.conf section [transceiver] the Path parameter then in the killall command above replace the name of the executable appropriately like:

killall transceiver-bladerf

Finally, if you are in an rmanager connection and want to restart the transceiver from there you can issue this command:

external execute /usr/bin/killall transceiver