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YateMMI is a Mobile Management Interface that allows an easy configuration/management of all Yate-based products (Core Network and Radio network equipments)

YateMMI Concepts


YateMMI is organized in various contexts, as 1st level menu entries:

  • Home
  • My Network
  • Equipment
  • Subscriber Management

Contexts use software wizards (setup assistants) for a well-defined step-by-step configuration.

Each context has multiple modules, as 2nd level menu entries.

Each of these modules can be either enabled or disabled from Home (context) -> Settings (module) -> Modules (submenu)

To find out more about each wizard's field, read the explanations marked with the ? (question mark).


There are different wizards for each equipment type:

  • a wizard for YateHSS/HLR and YateUCN
  • a different wizard for base stations

Each wizard was designed with the purpose of generating all the necessary SS7, Diameter and equipment-specific settings.

After setting up the equipment the administrator has to confirm if he wants to apply changes: "You have changes to apply. [Apply] [Review] [Drop changes]."

A second notice "You have changes and they were marked to apply." will appear and a cron (a time-based job scheduler) will apply the settings to the equipment.

The administrator will be notified if the configuration was successful or not.

Note: Some users have 'Allow web apply' activated. On these users, cron can be bypassed with [Push settings now] button that appears with second notice.

My Network

This context allows the administrator to set general information about the network. All this information is necessary for the equipment he will later on add.

The administrator can start adding only one equipment, and later add more. In case he wants to configure multiple equipments, YateMMI will generate pools of IP addresses, point codes, global titles and more.

Pools are an essential concept used for setting up the network.

To setup more pieces of equipment of the same type, an administrator may use:

  • Pools of Global Titles that will be automatically associated to the network nodes if 'Automatically associate GT to equipment' is enabled.
  • Pools of Pointcodes that will be automatically associated to the network nodes if 'Automatically associate PC to equipment' is enabled.
  • Pools of IP addresses that will be automatically associated to equipment if 'Automatically associate IP to equipment' is enabled.

The administrator has to define the pools depending on their purpose, be it Radio Network equipment, Core Network, other networks, management or SatSite.

An equipment uses multiple addresses depending on the equipment type.

Each YateUCN has a pool of IPs associated to each GTP-U tunnel.

If the 'Automatically associate pools to YateUCN' option is enabled then this pools are associated automatically to YateUCN.

Network Settings

Currently, the Network Settings tab has two setup types:

  • Just YateHSS/HLR - especially designed for MVNOs and allows adding and configuring only a YateHSS/HLR.
  • Extending network - designed to allow adding all Core equipments to a new or an existing network.

Subscriber Management

  • Profiles module - allows configuring SIM profiles, as well as CS, PS, IMS, EPC profiles for the subscribers' network services.
  • Subscribers - allows SIMs import based on a SIM profile, and subscribers management (add/edit/delete)

Note: The OSS/BSS services are not included in YateMMI, however it allows applying development APIs for OSS/BSS integration.