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The YateSIGX product is a platform for creating various Signalling Intervention solutions according to customers' requirements. It allows altering various parameters of SCCP, MAP, CAMEL and Diameter signalling.



  • Fully implemented in software using commodity hardware (e.g. Dell PowerEdge R430)
  • Scalable by adding multiple nodes
  • JSON API over HTTP for basic configuration and management
  • Customer can create own Javascript modules for altering signalling
  • Custom modules may use SQLite or MySQL or PostgreSQL databases

Communication protocols

    • ITU or ANSI SCCP and SS7 MTP
    • M2PA or M3UA-ASP over SIGTRAN, SCTP (CRC32)
    • E.164, E.212, E.214, TT or PC SCCP addressing
    • Can connect to multiple STP/GW
  • Diameter
    • Base protocol and 3GPP Applications
    • SCTP or TCP transport
    • Can establish or listen for connections
    • Can connect to multiple Routing Agents
  • HTTP
    • JSON API server for configuration and monitoring
  • SNMP
    • SNMP v2 or v3 for information retrieval
    • Traps sending for alarms
  • Telnet
    • Management CLI
    • Optional SSL and password protection


YateSIGX can be used to implement:

  • STP with MAP or CAMEL message alteration
  • DRA with Diameter message alteration
  • Multi-IMSI solutions
  • Virtual Roaming Hub solutions
  • Other custom applications


YateSIGX supports both SS7 (SIGTRAN) and Diameter connections.

Typically it is installed between two networks performing address and identity translation between them.

yatesigx conn.png