GSM LabKit Configuration

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Important! If you are operating your LabKit in the Americas, skip the next step, as your machine is already set up to function in these areas.

When you enter the Local Management Interface (LMI), you are first required to select the appropriate working mode.


1. Click Working mode from the upper menu and click the Modify button to choose GSM NiPC.

Modify working mode

2. Select the GSM NiPC working mode and click the Save button.

Modify working mode

3. Click the BTS Configuration tab. In the GSM section enter the GSM radio interface tab and select the GSM operating band in the Radio.Band field, depending on the region where you operate the LabKit.

If you are in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa or Australia, change the operating band to 850 MHz (the typical operating band for America), to avoid local interference.

YateBTS GSM Radio settings

4. Select an ARFCN value corresponding to the operating band you have selected, in the Radio.C0 field. All the values in the drop-down list work.

5. Please read the instructions in the LMI for the rest of the values, which are arbitrary.

3. Manage HostedCore SIMs and subscribers.

GSM roaming

1. Select GSM roaming working mode. Click the Modify button and click Save button.

LabKit will connect to Hosted Core which provides the complete functionality of a GSM mobile network.

2. Check CORE settings -> BTS Configuration -> Core -> Roaming

Your GSM LabKit is already connected to Hosted Core through a direct OpenVPN line. IP addresses with 100.127.*.* are OpenVPN private addresses.

Be aware that the address (OpenVPN IP) is only an example. Set your assigned IP address from BTS Configuration -> Core -> Roaming -> My sip dropdown.

Hosted Core Web interface log in credentials were sent in the email you've used on purchase. See Hosted Core features
YateBTS GSM roaming enabled
YateBTS GSM roaming Core roaming settings