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On each equipment bought from our company, an email from our Ticketing system containing configuration details and web documentation links regarding that equipment will be received by the buyer.

This email notices the Contact (buyer) that a new ticket is added to his company Account.

If a reply is sent to that email, an answer is added to the ticket and an automated procedure to create a customer support account will start.

If by any chance the customer forgot his password, Forgot Password Reset option can be found in the right side of the Support portal.

In the Ticketing system, each Customer (user) belongs to a Company, users from the same Company can see all tickets of that Company.

Community.png Let's get that fixed!

Want to file a bug? Or maybe your Yate equipment needs a custom configuration.

Log in to our support portal or simply email your request to

Whatever you choose, our team will make sure your request is prioritized the way it should.

Go to our support portal

YouTube.png Follow us and learn

We are adding examples and scenarios encountered daily in telecom and how-to guides to answer your questions.

Our videos are designed to make you understand RAN Network and CORE Network equipment communication.

Each month we explain new topics on our online webinars held on YouTube.

Check SS7ware support on YouTube