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About License Central

Our licensing system, called "CodeMeter License Central" is provided in collaboration with Wibu-Systems, one of the top suppliers in the DRM anti-piracy industry.

Our clients (hereinafter called "licensee") must activate their license on their machine, as our licensing system permits that one licence can cover any of our Core Network Products installed or used on a single machine (virtual or not).

License activation is strongly bounded to the hardware, because on any license request (as action) made by the licensee, a machine fingerprint (containing hardware, environment and OS informations) is generated and stored in the .WibuCmRaC file which also contains the license request code.

The .WibuCmRaC file must be sent to us and in turn, a remote update file ( .WibuCmRaU ) will be sent back to the licensee. The license update operation is made only once on the licensee computer.

Once license is updated, a license receipt is generated and must be sent to us, a procedure which activates the license on that specific machine.

Installing requirements

On every machine with private Yate packages installed, we need to add YateCore repository and install yate-mgmt-core package as root.

[yate@licensee-machine][~]$ su -
[root@licensee-machine][~]# urpmi.addmedia --update YateCore
[root@licensee-machine][~]# urpmi yate-mgmt-core 

These packages will be installed: yate-mgmt-core-*.mga5.noarch , yate-mgmt-*.mga5.noarch and CodeMeter-*.x86_64

Our work as root is done, to exist root environment, just type 'exit'

[root@licensee-machine][~]# exit

After the installation we will have yate-mgmt in our /usr/bin directory, typing yate-mgmt (we can check if yate-mgmt-core installed successfully) in your console we will have this output message:

[yate@licensee-machine][~]$ yate-mgmt
Usage: yate-mgmt options...
    --cert-view [filename.txt]             Display Apache SSL certificate
    --cert-update filename.crt             Update Apache certificate and restart the service
    --license-view [filename.txt]          View current license information
    --license-dump [filename.txt]          Dump Wibu licensing info for troubleshooting
    --license-prepare [filename.wbb]       Create license container from template
    --license-request [filename.WibuCmRaC] Create a license request
    --license-update filename.WibuCmRaU    Install or update license, use - for stdin
    --license-receipt [filename.WibuCmRaC] Create a license activation receipt

Verifying and preparing environment

The environment must be set up on the client's machine or on his license server (if there is one -> check #Particularities section). Before we install any license we must check if there are current license information on licensee system by typing: "yate-mgmt --license-view" or the short command: yate-mgmt -lv

[yate@licensee-machine][~]$ yate-mgmt -lv

If there is no result it means our licensee system has no license at all and we may continue.

To add a license we must prepare the environment for the license by creating a license container with the command: "yate-mgmt --license-prepare" or we can use the short command yate-mgmt -lp

[yate@licensee-machine][~]$ yate-mgmt -lp

License request

Next in our process is the license request step and by typing "yate-mgmt --license-request" or the short command yate-mgmt -lr.

A file ending in .WibuCmRaC is created. The license request generates and stores also the machine fingerprint in the license request file (ending in .WibuCmRaC)

License request will be made on licensee machine. If our Core Network products are not running on the same machine, check #Particularities section.

[yate@licensee-machine][~]$ yate-mgmt -lr
[yate@licensee-machine][~]$ ls *Wibu*
total 44
-rw-r--r--  1 yate yate  33358 Sep  2 15:57 32767-16385_5000676.WibuCmRaC

The generated file (in our case 32767-16385_5000676.WibuCmRaC) must sent to us via email or uploaded in the BugTracker ticketing system.

We will send a .WibuCmRaU file used for licence update wich will generate a licence receipt.

License receipt must be sent to us in order to activate the license.