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Network in a box (NIB) Description

Implements JavaScript script(s) for registering, routing calls, SMSs, and user authentication for YateBTS.

The script(s) implement a "Network in a Box" for its users and will allow routing calls outside the network.

Network in a box: contains basic HLR,AuC,VLR/MSC for its users. It can be used as a HLR/Auc for another YateBTS.

Routing calls

- between 2 local registered users
- from a local user to outside (outside call can be done on SIP/IAX). Account 'outbound' must be configured in accfile.conf
- from outside network to local user
- if outside call comes for unknown/unregistered user call will be rejected
- local conference server. Users can reach conference room by calling to 333
- to test ivr (david - 32843) that allows for an echo test or accessing the conference


- SMSs are routed between registered users
- users can have SMS conversations with yate's elizabot (SMS to eliza-35492)     

User registration.

- You can define a list of accepted IMSIs or a regular expression for matching accepted IMSIs. 

In the future release:


- 2G Authentication will be used.(NOT IN VERSION 1)


-for configuring subscribers, outbound connection and ybts.conf file