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SatSite LTE/GSM Basestation

General information about SatSite, as an LTE/GSM eNodeB.

Step-by-step guide showing how to install the SatSite

Local management interface configuration for SatSite's LTE features.

Local management interface configuration for SatSite's GSM features.

Configuring routing and emergency numbers.

SatSite Models

  • SatSite 142

SatSite Solution and Technology

  • SatSite 132

Logging and Monitoring

Information about logs, logs levels and logrotate.

Guide that shows how to use Zabbix to monitor Basestations

Developers Guides

General information about the JSON API.

Using the JSON API to configure SatSite.

Configure SatSite using the openenb.conf configuration file for LTE

Configure Satsite using ybts.conf file for GSM