UE connectivity troubleshooting guide

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All UEs cannot see the network

Confirm the unit is connected to the HC

Check for wrong IP configurations

Telnet to the unit will show messages like:

    <ys1ap:WARN> Timeout connecting to [0x7f735c003630]
    <enb:WARN> mme1: S1-MME SCTP link DOWN
    <enb:NOTE> mme1: S1-MME SCTP connecting

Verify the IP configurations in the unit (GUI: ENB configuration -> core -> GTP / MME)

  1. Check GTP tab: The unit needs to have IP in the subnet 100.127.x.x
  2. Check MME tab: The HC IP should be or , the unit should be able to learn about this IP from DNS ; in case it couldn't we need to add it manually.

Verify the VPN

Kindly refer to VPN Tshooting

PLMN mismatch

The Hosted Core accepts values for MCC = 001 and MNC =01 only.

PLMN mismatch will show similar logs in the telnet console:

    <enb:NOTE> mme1: S1-MME SCTP connecting <ys1ap:NOTE> Connected 3 streams to [0x7efe7c003610] <enb:NOTE> mme1: S1-MME SCTP link UP 
    <enb:WARN> mme1: PLMN mismatch <enb:WARN> mme1: S1-MME SCTP link DOWN

To edit PLMN configurations: (GUI: ENB Configurations -> Radio -> eNodeB)

Check the Antenna

  1. Check the antenna is connected correctly to the unit.
    1. For Labkits: LabKit Quick Start Guide
    2. For Satsites: Satsite Installation
  2. Verify the hardware of the antenna using loopback test: DL PHY Loopback Test

Confirm the RF environment

  1. Verify the interference using the frequency scanner module for both GSM and LTE.
  2. Verify the noise value, telnet to eNB and apply (enb phy trxstats)

The reported UL noise level should be < -45 dB. If there is bad RF environment, try to change the channel.

Confirm clock calibration

The Basestation is using NTPclient (chronyd) , if the NTP client is not working this might cause some calibration issues. NTP client needs to be running for at least 6 hours when the unit is powered up at the first time to correct the calibration.

  1. Confirm NTP, from linux sell:
    1. Confirm chronyd is running (systemctl status chronyd), if its not running you can start it (systemctl start chronyd).
    2. Confirm chronyd is configured correctly (chronyc sources) , if there is no NTP server edit the configuration file (/etc/chrony.conf ).
  2. To verify the clock calibration , from the basestation telnet: (control bladerf/<> freqoffs)
  3. To manually trigger the calibration, from the basestaion telnet: control bladerf/<> freqcalstart & control bladerf/<> freqcalstop

Confirm Radio Configurations

  1. Check Tx gain value (GUI -> ENB configuration -> advanced -> system -> TxGain2)
    1. If the power is too low, the UE might be out of the coverage
    2. If the power is too high, it might cause some internal interference
  2. Check the receiver gain: Check the value for Receiver gain (GUI -> ENB configuration -> advanced -> system -> RxGain1 / RxGain2)

One or more UE cannot see the network

Confirm that the band in use is supported by the UE/ UEs in the netowk (GUI: ENB Configurations -> Radio -> eNodeB )

UE doesn't register

Confirm the SIM card

SIM error message

If you see a message on the UE like ( your SIM doesn't allow connection to the Network): Make sure you are using the SIM card sent with the unit. Shipped SIMs are added to the HC and tested to work correctly.

UE doesn't try to register

If the UE is throwing a fast error without trying to connect this might happen due to previous failure Try to either put the UE in airplane mode and take it off or to restart the UE.

Confirm RF environment

Confirm RF environment

Confirm Radio Configurations

Confirm Radio Configurations