Wireshark monitoring traffic inside YateBTS

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Traffic can be captured/analized with Wireshark in YateBTS when using GSM roaming or GSM dataroam working modes.

Enable capturing of SIP and RTP packages

GSMTAP.GSM will capture SIP and RTP packages.
Enable GSMTAP.GSM capture from the Yate rmanager:

>> telnet 0 5037
mbts config TAP Control.GSMTAP.GSM on

Enable capturing of GTP-C and GTP-U packages

GSMTAP.GPRS will capture GTP-C and GTP-U packages. Enable GSMTAP.GPRS capture from the Yate rmanager

>> telnet 0 5037
mbts config TAP Control.GSMTAP.GPRS on 

Checking if GSMTAP is enabled

To check if GSMTAP is enabled type mbts config TAP in Yate rmanager.

>> telnet 0 5037
yate-sdr@ybts-UNCONFIG> mbts config TAP 
Control.GSMTAP.GPRS on
Control.GSMTAP.GSM on
Control.GSMTAP.TargetIP     [default]

Capturing traffic

To capture traffic use tcpdump Or Wireshark (already installed on the LatKit/SatSite) by adding a custom filter: udp port 4729.

Command for tcpdump:
>> tcpdump -i any udp port 4729 -w GSMTAP-yatebts.pcap