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YateBTS is a software implementation of a GSM/GPRS radio access network based on Yate and is compatible with both 2.5G and 4G core networks comprised in our YateUCN unified core network server. Resiliency, customization and technology independence are the main attributes of YateBTS.

Installation and Administration

This section contains information about installing and managing the YateBTS software.

Mandatory preliminary steps that ensure a smooth YateBTS installation.

Instructions installing YateBTS versions.

A starting point on how to configure and run YateBTS.

Using rmanager and a detailed list of mbts commands.

Yate and OS settings needed to use GPRS with local breakout

Radio board calibration commands.

Radio board firmware upgrade.


General information about the LTE GSM Lab Kit

Take a look at YateBTS' main configuration file.

The mandatory configuration to start up your YateBTS.

Information about configuring an outbound connection.

Information about writing \call detailed records logs.

Network in a PC information

Information about using YateBTS in roaming mode.

Using the Javascript NiPC.