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The YateSMSC server fulfills all the functions of a conventional SMS Center, forwarding, storing and delivering SMSs in GSM, UMTS and LTE networks.

YateSMSC description and API configuration

YateSMSC for GSM, UMTS and LTE networks

General information about what YateSMSC is and does.

General information about the JSON API.

Using the JSON API to configure YateSMSC.

Instructions on how to use the JSON API to retrieve information about node statistics, request delivery of messages and more.

Generic information about licensing system.

Information and configuration of YateSMSC as SMPP server/client.

Settings for YateSMSC equipment

Various usage scenarios and settings for YateSMSC

Easily track the life-cycle of SMS being submitted.

Information about how to configure YateSMSC charging interfaces