Zabbix Monitoring Template Predefined Items

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Template Yate SDR

Item name Key Description
low PHRdB yate.enb_all.TB.UlPhrAvg Average power headroom in dB per resource block
Rach msg 3 yate.enb_all.RRU.RachMsg3Rx Total number of msg3 events detected.
Rach msgs yate.enb_all.RRU.RachRx Total number of PRACH events detected.
Yate BladeRF active interfaces yate.bladerf.ifaces Yate BladeRF active interfaces count
Yate ENB Carrier Downlink Capacity yate.enb_all.CARR.DlCapacity Average DL capacity in bits/element.
Yate ENB Carrier Uplink Capacity yate.enb_all.CARR.UlCapacity Average UL capacity in bits/element.